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Come Join Us

Saturday, March 13th @

11-11:45 am pst (2-2:45 pm est)

Saturday, March 13th @

11-11:45 am pst (2-2:45 pm est)


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Health-Conscious Entrepreneurs Health Summit

Hosted by Ngoc T. Tran

Elevate Your Health & Wellness

Uncover the secrets to balancing entrepreneurship, life and

healthy habits to achieve radiant health.

The Health-Conscious Entrepreneurs Health Summit is an interview series with 26 amazing experts

sharing their wisdom, life experiences and expertise in the areas of spiritual, emotional, mental,

physical, and financial health.

Imagine if one of these interviews Ignites the spark in you to create impactful change

in your life, give you the inspiration to shift your paradigm and improve your health? How

powerful would that be?

Coming Soon!

Ngoc T. Tran Speaker Bio

Ngoc T. Tran, Certified Public Accountant and Licensed Life Insurance Agent with over 23 years experience

in accounting, audits and tax consulting.

As a Financial Health Expert, Ngoc is passionate about teaching financial literacy and empowering the financial

health of individuals and their families. She creates customized solutions that help her clients make money, save

money, protect their money and eliminate debt. As a result, they are prepared to handle life’s uncertainties with

less struggle, because they plan for the unplanned.

Ngoc is a professional speaker, co-author in the bestselling book Voices of the 21st Century: Conscious, Caring

Women Who Make a Difference, and creator and host of the Health-Conscious Entrepreneurs Health Summit.

She is also the Global Business Connector in the San Francisco Bay area for Women Speakers Association.

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